Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure of the College
The College is a private tertiary institution established by Alh. Hamzat AbdulGaniyy.  Policies affecting the College are normally passed by the Governing Council. Members of the Governing Council are appointed by the Proprietor, and they are solely responsible for the smooth running of the college. Their duties include the provision of infrastructures on the campus, the appointment of committees that take care of various administrative machineries of the College.

The Provost is the Chief Executive and the Academic Officer of the College. He coordinates the activities of the College machineries, sees to the discipline and welfare of his staff assisted by his Deputy Provosts appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Governing Council. The Deputy Provost normally acts for the Provost in his absence.

The College has a Registrar appointed by the Governing Council and he is responsible for the administrative matters. Other Chief Officers in the institution include the Bursar, the Librarian and the Director of works.

Main Units within the administration.
Provost’s office: Deputy Provost’s Office, Internal Audit Unit, Security Unit, Consultancy unit, Information unit, clinic
Registry Department: Registrar’s Office, Academic Unit, Students’ Affairs Unit, Senior Staff Establishment Unit, Junior Staff Establishment Unit, Research & Statistics, Advisory Units, Pension & Staff Development.
Bursary Department: Bursar’s Office, Cash Office, Final Accounts, Students Accounts Section, Salary Section, Expenditure Control Unit, Stores, Loan Claims.
Works: Estate Unit, Parks and Gardens Unit, Civil Engineering Unit, Electrical Unit, Mechanical, Transport Unit, Project Unit.
Library: Library Administration Unit, Technical Services Unit, Readers’ Services Unit, Circulation Unit, Reference Unit, serials.

Governing Council Members

HAMZAINAB College of Education is managed by experienced Governing Council Members, Members of Board of Trustee, Academic and Non Academic Staff. Some of them  have spent major part of their work experience in academia and administration.


1 Alh. Hamzat AbdulGaniyy Proprietor/Chairman
2 Dr. K. O. Lawal Provost/Member
3 Alh. Adepoju W. Folawiyo Member
4 Dr. M. A. Folorunso University Rep Member
5 Dr. K. K. Busari College Rep Member
6 Dr. Alimi Fatai Member
7 Oba AbdulRahim (Kabiyesi) Aragbiji/Member
8 Lawyer T. Alarape College Lawyer Member
9 Chief Rasheed Agboola Member
10 Prof. Grace Akin Member
11 Mr. O. D. Oyedeji Registrar/Secretary



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