The School of Education is the pivot on which all Educational activities in the College revolve.  Each and every student in the various departments in the College must pass through the School of Education before graduating.

The aim of the School of Education is to satisfy the requirements for the award of National Certificate in Education and to make all graduates in the College professional Teachers.

In preparing the N.C.E. teachers, the School of Education aims at operationalizing all the principles entrenched in the National Policy on Education with regards to the professional preparation of teachers and the structure of our Educational system.

The School of Education therefore pursues the following objectives to achieve its aim:
•    To educate students who will be positively oriented towards the teaching profession;
•    To produce effective classroom teachers who are highly motivated and conscious of the important role they are expected to play in
the development of this country.
•    To produce teachers who possess sufficient knowledge in the theory and practice of education which they can in turn teach in
the Teacher Training Colleges;
•    To equip the students with sufficient level of knowledge in classroom and school management;
•    To raise teachers who will be psychologically, emotionally and academically sound to impart the students.


The School of Arts and Social Sciences, Hamzainab College of Education, has four (4) functional departments that run programmes towards the production of middle-level manpower for the nation, particularly in the education industry. The departments are:
1.    Social Studies
2.    Economics
3.    Political Science
4.    Islamic Religious Studies

The goals of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, principally are:
1.    To train teachers who will be knowledgeable, competent and creative to teach in the Pre-Primary, Primary and Junior Secondary
Schools in Nigeria. The training of these categories of teachers will focus on the development of the cognitive, affective and
psychomotor domains of learning with a view to producing teachers that are versatile in a knowledge driven society.
2.    Teach values and morals that are necessary for directing individuals to imbibing the culture of hard work, discipline and integrity
through the School’s academic programmes and activities.
3.     Develop individuals for self actualization and self-reliance so as to enable them contribute positively to the socioeconomic
development of the nation.
4.     Prepare students for further education. Education is a life-long activity. Continued learning gives individuals opportunity to increase in    their abilities to contribute in community, State and/or national programmes.

School of Sciences

The School is the largest School and it comprises six departments, namely: Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Integrated Science, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Physics.

Students are exposed to the scientific principles and techniques during classroom teaching, practical exercises and field trips as means of demonstrating academic and professional excellence in teaching science.

Philosophy of the School

The philosophy of the School is to:

–         produce competent, professional and effective teachers of science education who will be able to develop in students an appreciation and understanding of Mathematics and Science.

–         impart the intrinsic values as well as the utility values of Mathematics and Science in all spheres of human activities.

–         develop in the students the ability to formulate problems, identify variables and design experiments, interpret results, recognize patterns, generate hypothesis, draw conclusions and develop theoretical models.

–         develop academic and professional competency which will enable individual earn a living.

–         help students become intellectually informed in Mathematical ideas, notations and skills for logical reasoning.


To realise the stated philosophy above, the School has the following objectives:

(i)        to equip the students to be able to demonstrate practical skills in handling scientific apparatus.

(ii)       to equip the student to be able to demonstrate excellence and professional competence in the teaching of Mathematics and Science subjects.

(iii)     to develop an individual who will make a successful carrier in Mathematics and Science teaching.

School of Languages

The School of Languages, Hamzainab College of Education, has three (3) functional departmentss. The departments are:
1.    English Language
2.    Arabic
3.    Yoruba

Philosophy and Objectives

The basic philosophy of the School is to develop programmes in Language Education that would enhance the training and retraining of competent teachers for the primary and secondary levels of education in the country.

In realizing the philosophy above, the School has the following objectives:

i.                    to equip the students with basic skills of listening, speaking , reading and writing in the correct and approved orthography of the language;

ii.                   to teach the students the sounds, lexis and structure of the language;

iii.                  to expose the students to the available oral and written literatures in the languages;

iv.                   to familiarize the students with the rich culture of the people through literature;

v.                    to equip the students with the principles and techniques of teaching the language; and

vi.                   to equip the students with necessary techniques of updating their knowledge through research.

Vocational & Technical Education

The College runs full time academic programmes and the school consists of two (2) departments. The departments are;

  1. Business Education
  2. Enterpreneurship/Skill Acquisition

Admission Procedure