The School of Arts and Social Sciences, Hamzainab College of Education, has four (4) functional departments that run programmes towards the production of middle-level manpower for the nation, particularly in the education industry. The departments are:
1.    Social Studies
2.    Economics
3.    Political Science
4.    Islamic Religious Studies

The goals of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, principally are:
1.    To train teachers who will be knowledgeable, competent and creative to teach in the Pre-Primary, Primary and Junior Secondary
Schools in Nigeria. The training of these categories of teachers will focus on the development of the cognitive, affective and
psychomotor domains of learning with a view to producing teachers that are versatile in a knowledge driven society.
2.    Teach values and morals that are necessary for directing individuals to imbibing the culture of hard work, discipline and integrity
through the School’s academic programmes and activities.
3.     Develop individuals for self actualization and self-reliance so as to enable them contribute positively to the socioeconomic
development of the nation.
4.     Prepare students for further education. Education is a life-long activity. Continued learning gives individuals opportunity to increase in    their abilities to contribute in community, State and/or national programmes.