Message From Provost

Alh. Abdul Ganiyy Hamzat

Dr. K.O.Lawal



It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the HAMZAINAB College of Education which was founded by a renowned Islamic Scholar Alh. Abdul Ganiyy Hamzat and was approved by the NCCE in 2017. The Colleges' mission is to prepare our students to be life-long learners. All of us at the College are dedicated to the future success of our students. The dedication is reflected in the quality of teaching, thoughtful advising, and mentorship of the College management and staff.

You will be exposed to many curricular and extra-curricular experiences that will contribute to your personal growth in the next few years. Take this time in your life to experiment with new activities and get out of your comfort zone. All of us are dedicated to helping and making your learning journey a great success. Enjoy your time with the College family, work hard, and make these next few years the best that they can be.

As you browse through our website, it is my hope that you will discover more about our exciting College and eventually consider enrolling in one of our programmes. The College is ready to prepare you to obtain NCE Certificate within 3 years if there is no external factor.